Studio Policy updated 1st June 2020

So it looks like it’ll be a while before we can relax in terms of the Corona Virus and passing it around unwhittingly. Therefore I thought it best to outline my policy regarding studio cleanliness and the rearranging of shoots as and when needed.

I am currently taking bookings for all shoot types, as my business will most likely be one of the first to have restrictions lifted once things are confirmed by the government. So do book your shoots but read the following information in case of disruption.

For obvious reasons an outdoor session would be less of a risk.

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Firstly I will be contacting every client the day before the shoot to check both that you are well and to let you know that I am well and not at risk of passing on a virus.

All the touch points in the studio will be disinfected before and after your visit, these include

  • door bell,
  • door knocker,
  • chair arms,
  • door handles,
  • soap dispensors,
  • taps,
  • light switches,
  • new towels cleaned for you, and thorough hand washing before you arrive,
  • I will wear a face mask if it makes you more comfortable,
  • for newborn shoots I will wash my hands before touching your child in your presence.

Please do make sure you also wash your hands thoroughly before you come and feel free to wash hands during the session, I won’t be offended.

If you are needing to self isolate then you are welcome to postpone your shoot until after your safe period. If this means that you are too late to do a pregnancy session as you’re too close to the due date, then you are welcome to transfer your session to a newborn or family shoot. Similarly if your newborn session needs to be postponed you are welcome to transfer to a baby or family session later on. If a suitable arrangement cannot be made then you are welcome to receive your deposit back.

Conversly if it it me who needs to postpone your session the same applies, in that you are welcome to rearrange your session or your deposit can be returned if you prefer.

Yes of course, if you want to not have any contact with any surfaces at all, then an outdoor session is a great way to do this. Conversly, I am very happy to come to your home where I will wash my hands thoroughly upon arrival and if you feel more comfortable I will wear face masks during the session.

This is not going to be around forever, but your kids/bump is growing ever bigger. Do go ahead and make your booking, if we need to rearrange then so be it, but don’t let the moment pass you by..